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InCellar was born to celebrate the excellence of wine. The Company offers high quality solutions for customers interested in wine

InCellar is active into two divisions:

  • Investment: considers the wine as an asset class which provides diversification within customers financial portfolios
  • Experience: praises the wine as an emotional experience to be lived in the regions of Italian excellence

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Personalized advisory with the wine considered as an asset class. Investment in the sector allows to achieve consistent performance with limited risk. In fact, we work side by side with our clients in order to define a tailor made investment strategy.


A wide range of destinations selected according to our clients desires. We accompany our clients to discover exclusive locations where they can taste excellent wine and take some time for themselves.



The choice of diversifying your own financial portfolio with some wine investments opens the doors to a world with unique characteristics:

  • constant production
  • increasing demand and purchasing power
  • finite supply
  • increase in quality over time and consequent increase in value

Risk is low thanks to the characteristics of the sector and a thorough selection of the most renowned wineries. Also, being the wine a tangible asset is de-correlated from financial markets and therefore remains stable during markets volatility.

Average annual return is c. 8%.

Therefore, the investment in wine permits to obtain a constant remuneration with a limited volatility.



We organize unique wine tasting experiences with particular attention to our clients specific requests and tastes. This is our choice of undertaking emotional journeys.

Our offering is focused on small wineries which make excellent wine. Refined locations which guarantee experiences with non-conventional and non-commercial wines.

Our selected locations are among the most talented producers within the following specialties:

  • Valpolicella
  • Prosecco
  • Soave
  • Durello


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”, Eleanor Roosevelt

Dedication and passion represent our daily commitment.

We want our actions to be driven by ethic and competence in order to establish a relationship of mutual trust and transparency with our clients.

We combine just in time services with a consolidation of the relationship year over year and harvest after harvest.

An emotion at every harvest

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